About Us

We at Jee Sab Shirts began manufacturing boys’ wear in 1991 and haven’t looked back since. We use innovative designs, fabric, accessories and techniques to cater to our customers’ needs. Started as a men’s wear brand, Jee Sab now caters to customers all over the world in the boys’ wear category. h our team of highly skilled employees we not only cater to our customers for high product quality but also for our high service quality. We believe that “Change is the only constant” and therefore we tend to change with the changing needs and demands of the customer to attain higher customer satisfaction. With our innovative and trendy designs we make sure that every customer relates to our tagline, “Fashion that fits my style”.

  • Honesty

    We provide the customer what is promised and do not engage in any practice which can hurt the customers’ businesses and ours as well.

  • Innovation

    We always work in a direction which brings in new ideas, designs and creativity in field of fashion and serve people with truly new garments.

  • Hard Work

    At Jee Sab Shirts, we believe nothing can be achieved without hard work and that’s what we do every day to maintain our superior quality and designs.

  • Progress

    We have created a wholesome environment which benefits everyone associated with us whether a customer or our own employee, we work towards everyone’s progress.